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Gayle The Goose Helps Presley The Perplexed Platypus by Natasha Peterson

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By local Carleton Place Author Natasha Peterson. 

 Presley is a newborn platypus who hatched from an egg all alone and is now on a mission to find his mom. Presley was born in Australia but he was quickly befriended by Gayle, a lost Canada Goose, who accidentally landed on an Australian shore when she was trying to migrate home to Canada.

The two new friends hop on Gayle’s raft and begin their searches which take them all over the globe. Every stop brings them to a new continent which teaches them about different family structures around the world. When the pair reaches their last continent and settles in the diverse and multicultural land of Canada, Presley’s quest is a success, although you may be surprised why. 

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